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Experiencing the miraculous

Do miracles happen? A story of a real-life miracle. - Kerrie

2021-09-10 2 min read

two people running

Alone in the dark

Tom - Why we hide from the light.

2021-09-08 4 min read

You are seen

Tom - when you feel alone

2021-05-19 1 min read

A moment of wonder

Stephen - how I know I can trust God

2021-05-13 3 min read

What if God was one of us?

Janelle - knowing God

2021-04-29 2 min read

Search for Happiness

Kerrie - on being happy

2021-04-25 2 min read

Why should I forgive someone?

Kerrie - why forgiveness matters

2021-04-07 2 min read

What if life was like a game?

Kerrie - God's game plan

2021-03-31 3 min read

How to gain peace and wisdom

Janelle- spiritual armour

2021-03-29 1 min read

Catching up after years apart

Janelle - dealing with unresolved tensions

2021-03-22 2 min read

How are you growing

Kerrie- life changes us, but we need to decide how

2021-03-17 2 min read

What's tripping you up

Kerrie - what do you do when life gets complicated?

2021-03-14 1 min read

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