Experiencing the miraculous

Do miracles happen? A story of a real-life miracle. - Kerrie


9/10/20212 min read

Many people today do not believe in miracles and may say things like: “it would have happened anyway”, or “it’s just a coincidence”.

Those of us who have seen, or experienced visible miracles would not agree. We all have different experiences of life and therefore have varying perspectives, but our perspectives can change, if there is evidence to support it.

Here is the story of a lady who came to the church I was in years ago.

“That first morning when I finally made it to a service, I met two amazing people who in two days’ time would rescue me and my family when we found ourselves without a roof over our head. I am in no doubt as to God’s timetable, and with his strength I have been able to look upon the whole event that put us in that unfortunate situation, as a blessing. That event brought me to my knees, which I now realize is the best place to be.

I have been able to re-establish and grow in my faith and learn to trust in the Lord for everything I need. God has provided me with a house and extra income, peace of mind and a lifeline for me to hold on to when life gets bumpy and to skip with when life is good.

My relationship with the Lord is at a new level, I feel I am no longer a lost prodigal daughter. I have my new beginning and I had to leave my home country and family to find it.

The day I was finally able to establish my family into a unit of our own was a very busy day, as I collected our belongings from several locations. At the end of the day all we needed was a fridge. It was about 5.30pm and the shops had closed.

Driving back to spend our first night in our new home I prayed. “Lord I really want to go to church tomorrow morning, but I also need a fridge. So, if you want me in church you have to find me a fridge”. 10 Kms down the road we found a sign on a tree, “Free Fridge”. The sign had been up all day on a very busy road, but no one had even stopped to take a look. God’s fridge is doing well and living in my kitchen”.

Obviously, human beings were involved in giving this lady a free fridge, but would you count it as ‘good luck’, ‘coincidence’, or a miracle? Although we may not class this as an actual miracle, I think most people would see it as more than ‘mere coincidence’.

What perspective do you have?

person's hang reaching out sunlight
person's hang reaching out sunlight