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looking out for each other

We have become used to isolation and shallow relationships, taught by our experiences and culture to protect ourselves, to hide and to look after yourself.

Yet where is the village, the community, the broader network of support, care and people who look out for each other?

We exist to kick-start community, connect you with a group of people to learn with and experience life more fully together with.

Through the building of greater connections with each other, we seek to create spaces where wounds can be healed and we can see ourselves and others released from hurts that hold us back.

Such an environment of mutual care, forgiveness and reliability is created as we discover and experience the unconditional love of God.

Slowly, through consistent and meaningful interactions, we believe you can be part of creating kinder, more deeply connected, trusting pockets of goodness in the world.

who we are

Haven uses online communication to connect people who aren't regularly involved with an in-person church or who are seeking further fellowship and encouragement. Our goal is to empower and inspire people so that Queensland and beyond is impacted by a network of people living every day in tune with where God is moving.

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