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How to be happy


4/25/20212 min read

Have you found happiness in life? Happiness is a great word, bringing to mind all kinds of images, incidents and people, but on the other hand, it can be rather an elusive concept.

We all have different ideas of what happiness means to us. To some, it means expensive cars, holidays, football or other sports. To others it primarily means family, friends and freedom. All of these to some extent involve money. Some people spend their lives trying to make large amounts of it and others are content to have enough to pay their bills and provide for simple needs.

One thing we know about money, is that in and of itself it does not bring happiness. We also know that possessions, and even people, can be taken away by flood, fire or accident – sometimes with little or no warning.

One of my son’s (years ago), contracted chronic fatigue syndrome, which he had for a year. He could not work, and in the process lost his own home and three rental homes, a charter bus company and limousine business, all because he couldn’t make the loan repayments.

However, he recovered and has managed to rebuild his life in an amazing way, largely because of a very positive outlook and a strong commitment to fulfilling his dreams and goals.

Deuteronomy 28:1-14 has a lot to say about being happy – God calls it ‘blessings’ – if we obey His Word.

I guess most of us want to be happy in our jobs, our families, our other interests. Most of us would like peaceful relationships, provision for our daily needs, and some opportunity for enjoyment. I mentioned once before the three basics for happiness which my mother taught me, which I think cover it fairly well.

Someone to love

Something to do

Something to look forward to

Please Comment and tell us the things that make you happy.

When I was a child, I went to Sunday School. I soon got the impression that God would favour those who trusted Him and followed in His ways (ie. Following what the Bible teaches). So, I decided that was the best way to choose, and determined to live God’s way.

Of course, I have done many wrong things and made heaps of mistakes – we all do – but my desire has been to love God and please Him, and He has made me so happy to be His child.

There have been quite a number of traumatic events in my life, some that lasted for years, but God has always helped me and comforted me. He has provided for me and looked after me in every way, even though I have had little in resources over most of those years. He also enabled me to give to others in various ways, which has given me a lot of joy.

I have always enjoyed God’s creation, and it makes me happy to drive in the countryside, or by the ocean. I love to see the blue sky and white clouds, trees and birds and rolling hills. I love to be with family and see how well my children and grandchildren are doing in life.

Happiness will always mean different things to different people, but our greatest happiness and satisfaction will always be found in relationship with God, which is freely available to all of us.

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