How to gain peace and wisdom



3/29/20211 min read

So far through my blogs I have shared with you mice plagues, skiing runs, tennis heroes, algorithms, loneliness and how much like echidnas we are. Truth be told I have led you on a tour of Ephesians 6 and how to put on the Armour of God. That is, what actions we can do to avail ourselves of God’s eternal peace and wisdom. It is always there! But are we preparing for it? Are we willing to receive it?

The screensaver for my iPhone is to the right.

The image reminds me to remember:

that Jesus died for my Salvation, 

that I am to live a Righteous life just as Jesus did, 

that I am filled with the Holy Spirit and carry a sword that is the Spirit breathed word of Scripture,

that I am protected by a shield of Faith in the Lord Jesus,

that when I abide in His ways my life will be full of Peace, and 

that I can gird or make ready my life by believing in the one truth of our Triune God.

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