A moment of wonder

Stephen - how I know I can trust God


5/13/20213 min read

Recently I was on my regular morning run when I veered off on a new track that I have not been on before.  The track went for about 200m beside a pond and stopped. I decided to walk a little further through the undergrowth to see if the track continued. Before turning back I came across a telecommunication pit beside a stormwater grate. The small pit didn’t have a lid on it which I thought was unusual and so I looked inside. It shocked me to see a turtle  trapped in the pit. 

I thought for sure the turtle was dead - who knows how long it had been trapped there. However, just to be sure I got a stick and gave it a little prod and to my surprise it raised its claw as if to say 'I’m here’! I looked at it a bit longer thinking of what I should do. I couldn’t make a ramp and I couldn't just leave him there, for he would surely die. 

So I reached down timidly to pull him out. I admit I dropped him back in a couple of times as I didn’t know if he was going to bite or scratch me. Anyway, I finally got him out unscathed, put him on the track and pointed him in the direction of the pond. I  stepped back and waited.  He finally poked his head out and headed off for the pond.

I got to thinking, if I hadn’t of gone along this track (which was the first time in years of running past it), that turtle would have died.  Why was I prompted on that day to go off my normal route? Why was it that I went further once the track stopped through the dewy long growth? Why was it that I noticed this turtle in the pit? Was I led there to save that turtle from certain slow agonising death?

Talking over my experience with my family, I got to wondering, did God lead me there to save that turtle? It did seem that the chances of me picking this day out of all the years to use this track and the likelihood of me coming across this turtle were very slim. Did God care for this turtle that much that he would guide me out of my way to rescue it? What do you think?

Over the next couple of days I got thinking. Jesus says in Matthew 10:29  “What is the price of two sparrows? One copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground  without your Heavenly Father knowing it”. 

So if God knows about everything, of course he could have led me there to rescue the turtle. I also think he had a greater purpose. Jesus continues in the next verse to say -

And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid ; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows”.

I think God was reminding me not to be afraid. If he cares for this turtle so much, how much more does he care for me? I can trust Him as He knows everything that is going on in my life. He can rescue me from any dire situation I find myself in.

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