You are seen

Tom - when you feel alone


5/19/20211 min read

What is going on! 

Have you ever asked yourself that? Everything in your life feels pretty stable and then - BAM! 

Something happens that shakes you up a bit. Yet, if your experience has been like mine, you’ll know if good things come in pairs, bad things come in an avalanche. 

I was reading about Hagar in Genesis chapter 16. She’s had her world rocked! Yet at the point of giving up, God rescues her, eliciting this response:

“You are the God who sees me.” (Verse 13).

Again and again we see God noticing those everyone else has abandoned. He hears the cries of the Israelites when they’re slaves in Egypt. Jesus notices the touch of the woman with the bleeding. God sends Paul all the way to Philippi to share the good news with Lydia.

God notices you!

My wife and I were struggling with sickness last week. A fact made three times worse when you have young kids. Add to that a hospital visit at the kids bed time.

Not easy- yet we go through it, in part due to the care of a lady from church who brought a meal around. The amazing thing was- she didn’t know half of what we were dealing with.

I was reminded today that this lady’s act of care was really God showing us that He saw our struggle and was looking out for us.

God shows he notices and that he cares through us!

Just as God put the lady with the meal in our lives, God has brought people in need across my path.

- There was a lady who needed fuel to get home.

- A man in India needing prayer and financial support.

- A man who’d hit rock bottom.

So let’s notice those around us. Perhaps God has put them in our lives so that we can show them that God sees what they’re going through. 

And when someone shows kindness to you, recognise God working behind the scenes to show you He cares.